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Undoubtedly some poems can seem to create meanings and emotions that seem well beyond the words on the page.

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Unlike a poem, it's highly unlikely anyone will ever want to set one of your essays to music.

While some poems may set out to accomplish the same goals as an essay, such as presenting an argument or telling a story, the structure, common techniques, and basic rules required for an essay are quite different than a poem.

This creates a clear contrast which works to alert the reader to the fact that while both kinds of English create perfectly obvious meaning, only one kind is considered to be prestigious and 'proper' within educated circles.

Ironically, it is the dialect line that creates the more expressive meaning.

Poems, on the other hand, can vary widely in structure.

Haikus, sonnets, limericks, and ballads are all forms of poetry and each is defined by its unique and specific structure.No matter what type of essay you're asked to write, such as argumentative, expository, descriptive, or narrative, there are usually structuring requirements that must be applied.An introductory paragraph that presents your ideas, a body that lays out each of those ideas clearly, and a summary paragraph that presents some type of conclusion are the common requirements for most traditional essays.In short, poems allow for a lot more creative freedom and can include a wide range of possible structures and techniques.An essay makes logical points that should be clear to anyone who reads it.In this way, Agard manages to open his poem and introduce a key theme.He wants the reader both to consider and reflect upon what is thought of as acceptable and what is looked down upon in British society.Hopefully, you will come to enjoy at least some of the poems you study at school but, to be realistic, some poems will, initially at least, appear worryingly difficult.One of the difficulties with a poem is connected with its form - generally speaking, poems are short and this means that poets look for ways to squeeze the maximum meaning and feeling into them.Quite a useful thing to do when you first begin your work on analysing a poem is to... Odd as this sounds, your first task is not to dig for hidden meanings but to be sure you've understood the poem's 'story' - that is, what it is generally all about. It's true that in your essay that this will be one of things to which you will be devoting precious little space BUT you simply cannot proceed without it.So, when you first read any poem, first of all, read it for more than one poem and this does add an extra layer of difficulty.


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