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The Anatomy of Tort Law (Oxford: Hart Publishing) (237pp) (Chinese translation, Peking University Press, 2010; Spanish translation in progress). Responsibility in Law and Morality (Oxford: Hart Publishing) (303pp) (Chinese translation, Commercial Press, Beijing, 2008). The Political Economy of Personal Injury Law (Brisbane: University of Queensland Press,) (108pp). Principles of Administrative Law: Legal Regulation of Governance (with L Mc Donald) (Melbourne: Oxford University Press) (333 pp) (Chs 1,2,8-11 (162pp) by PFC) 2009. Special Issue, Federal Law Review, in honour of Professor Leslie Zines on his Eightieth Birthday (Volume 38, No 3) (with Professor Geoffrey Lindell) 1977.

Cases and Materials for Principles of Administrative Law: Legal Regulation of Governance (with L Mc Donald) (Melbourne: Oxford University Press). Administrative Tribunals and Adjudication (Oxford: Hart Publishing) (285 pp). Review of the Law of Negligence (Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra)(with D.

Atiyah's Accidents, Compensation and the Law (7th edn, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006)(498 pp) (4th edn, 1987; 5th edn, 1993, 6th edn, 1999) (Chinese simplified character edition (2007) and Chinese translation (2008) of 6th edition, China Renmin University Press) 1991. Law and Religion in Theoretical and Historical Perspective (with C Evans and Z Robinson, Cambridge University Press). The New Oxford Companion to Law (with J Conaghan) (Oxford: Oxford University Press). The Hart-Fuller Debate in the Twenty-First Century (Oxford: Hart Publishing) 2010.

Tort Law and Economic Interests (2nd edn, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996)(492pp), (1st edn, 1991) 1997. The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Legal Research (with Herbert Kritzer) (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 2010. Recovery for Purely Economic Loss in the High Court, UWALR, 243-61 . Physical Loss, Economic Loss and Products Liability, 95 LQR, 117-141.

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Multiple Torts, Contribution and the Dynamics of the Settlement Process, Torts LJ, 137-154. Open Standing and the Role of Courts in a Democratic Society, 20 Singapore LR, 23- 50. Merits Review and Judicial Review: The AAT as Trojan Horse, 28 Federal LR, 213- 44. The Blight of Economic Loss: Is There Life after Perre v Apand?

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Relating to Responsibility: Essays in Honour of Tony Honoré on his 80th Birthday (with J. Australian Journal of Administrative Law, Vol 8 No 4 (August), Guest Editor, Proceedings of Conference on the History of the Australian Administrative Law System 2002. Corrective Justice and Correlativity in Private Law: a review of The Idea of Private Law by Ernest Weinrib, 16 OJLS, 471-88. Fleming on Torts: A Short Intellectual History, 6, Torts LJ, 216-239.


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