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These are first-person, nonfiction explorations of how you responded to a place, a person, a situation, an event, or happenings in everyday life. However, we don't deal with the topics of death, aging and disease." Length: 400 to 800 words Payment: -0 ____________________ "My Maine is our section most open to new contributors.My Maine stories are personal essays that focus on some aspect of the writer’s relationship to Maine and the Maine landscape.These stories are personal and often filled with emotion and drama.

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Before you come to see this material in the journal it is peer-reviewed and carefully edited.

Such approach guarantees reliability and objectiveness of the information you are going to apply into your essay.

(I blame blogs.) In case you are wondering what a personal essay is, it's any nonfiction story written in first person.

Personal essays always involve a true experience, especially one that evokes emotions that speak to a broader audience.

Using articles from the journals, newspapers and magazines in your essay you should remember that they differ in terms of their slant, reliability and accuracy of the presented data.

Magazines and newspapers contain articles written by a professional journalists and talented reporters.

Journals, newspapers and magazines serve to enrich the content of your essay or research paper.

On specific days of the week they ( e.g The Guardian, the Times, The Independent) offer publications devoted to particular topics, law, business, medicine or culture.

Pieces are often lyrical, sometimes humorous, and almost always have a strong first person component.

We receive more submissions for My Maine than any other section of the magazine; please give us three months to respond to your submission before following up." Length: 800–1000 words Payment: Between $.40/word and $.70/word ____________________ "Good Old Days tells the real stories of the people who lived and grew up in “the Good Old Days” (about 1935–1960).


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