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Lewis and Quick were noted actors: William Thomas Lewis—who was in such plays as Inchbald's Everyone Has His Fault and Cowley's Bold Stroke for a Husband—was at Covent Garden for 35 seasons and was the acting manager of Covent Garden between 1782-1893.He was known for parts in comedy of manners and farce. Roy Porter goes on to state that the Romantics rejected "Enlightenment sensuality as gross and materialistic" for the "idealization of love, and particularly of woman" (Facts of Life 32).

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Martin, though arguing that the Juvenilia both "cr[ies] out for interpretation, and resist[s] it thoroughly," nevertheless offers the interesting reading that in Laura's reference to the "indigestible leg of mutton, [she] obtrusively substitut[es] it for the leg of the wrecked hero"; this is "interpretable only by a desperate appeal to the heroine's conflation of culinary and sexual appetites" (84).

I do not agree that such an interpretation is a desperate move or that the texts are resistant to interpretation.

As Patricia Meyer Spacks argues, "[t]he most frequently recurrent plot-generating characteristic of persons in the juvenile fiction is relentless self-interest: what we might call narcissism" (127).

They are in another way, of course, punished for their selfishness (Sophia, Augustus, and Edward all die and Laura ends up alone).

Smit is a New York-based South African photojournalist and videographer who has worked for the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker and more.

On Smit’s website, you can find his photo essay on Tompkinsville, which he began a year after the death of Eric Garner and the video he produced about the neighborhood for the New York Times, entitled “One Year Later, Remembering Eric Garner.” In North Shore, he focuses on Victory Boulevard, exploring the diverse population and neighborhoods of the area. In The Innocent Diversion: A Study of Music in the Life and Writings of Jane Austen, Patrick Piggot admits as much: "it would be idle to pretend that many of the songs and piano pieces which Jane Austen copied with such care and labour into her books are of a good musical standard. It is funny, then, in a sly, joking sort of way, that Mr. 148) The OED cites a chronological range of sources using the word in this way: Ben Jonson refers to " A Neat, spruce, affecting Courtier (1599); Burney to "He'll make himself so spruce, he says, we sha'n't know him (1796 Camilla IV. Though Abelson is writing about thefts occurring around 100 years later than Austen, the women she describes sound in many cases like those in the Juvenilia. Sometimes they are read as insights into Austen's life: biographer Jon Spence argues that the Juvenilia provide a rich source of knowledge about Austen's young life, especially because "there is no conventional source of personal information about her [. It would be impossible to determine exactly what songs Austen knew, though she had to have been familiar with a lot of popular music. .] ‘Taste' is not very evident in her choice of music, too many of the items in her collection being no more than superficially pretty and sometimes worse than that [. I am very grateful to Alex Dick for his expertise in this point and in the analysis of pawning an undirected letter that follows. This was a commonplace reaction, Bleson argues, among later nineteenth-century offenders: once apprehended, "contrary to all logic and to the evidence, more than one woman rejected any conscious motive and adamantly defended herself with the assertion, ‘I am an honest and respectable woman.' This level of denial was pervasive. They told themselves they were innocent, and, however fragile their defenses, they did not think of themselves as thieves" (167-8). Elton is described as "spruce, black, and smiling" the night Emma finds him "actually making violent love to her" (129). According to the OED, when applied to costume, it suggests "a lively air, fashionable dress;" (Chesterfield, 1792), but it also carried connotations of an artificer, as in "Your spruce appearance is a perfect forgery" (Young 1755 Centaur ii. See When ladies go a-thieving: Middle-Class Shoplifters in the Victorian Department Store. .] Aware of the normative distinctions between stealing and not stealing, these women were seemingly incapable of sensing emotionally that their shoplifting was wrong. She had to become genteel, and act like a lady" (xxxviii). Often critics read them as a precursor, a key, to the published works: "The juvenilia are precocious and sometimes amusing but they are by no means brilliant. Wit and Mirth, a facsimile reproduction of the 1876 reprint of the original edition of 1719-1720, clearly remained popular for over 150 years. Whether or not people took coins from each other often depended on how worn the coin appeared. She could not be wild as she had been in the notebook Volumes. Here are two examples: in "A Song," Chloe "Kiss'd him up before his Dying, / Kiss'd him up, and eas'd his pain" (I, 329); in "Young Strephon and Phillis," Strephon "clasp'd her so fast: / ‘Till playing and jumbling, / At last they fell tumbling; / [. oh how sweet, and how soft at the Bottom" (VI, 221). "Transgressive Youth: Lady Mary, Jane Austen, and the Juvenilia Press." . Gainesville, Florida: Scholars' Facimiles and Reprints, 1967. in Doody xxiii); Doody argues that Austen had to control her exuberance in her later texts: "She could not laugh so loudly in the later works. For illegal marriages, see "Henry and Eliza," "Love and Friendship," "Sir William Mountague," and "Letter the second From a Young lady crossed in Love to her friend" from "A Collection of Letters." For "natural" children, see "Love and Friendship" as well as the children conceived by characters in "Henry and Eliza," and "Letter the second From a Young lady crossed in Love to her friend."In Wit and Mirth, at least sixteen songs alone have either Chloe or Strephon in their title, and these songs are, on the whole, erotic in nature. .]'Till furious Love sallying, / At last he fell dallying, / And down, down he got him, But oh! For example, Lord David Cecil called them "squibs and skits of the light literature of the day" (qtd. My own point of view is closest to that of Claudia Johnson's, especially insofar as she argues that "Austen treats conventions not as sterile devices, but as structures of human possibilities which evolve from specific social and political situations [. She possessed a sophistication rarely matched in viewing and using her own medium [. As Doody and Douglas Murray point out in their edition of the Juvenilia, the Prince Regent's affairs were well known, including his liaison with Mary Robinson and, in 1785, his well-known, though invalidated marriage to Maria Fitzherbert (295-6).Photograph by Gareth Smit.: an exhibition created by photographer Gareth Smit which traces the vast urban and architectural changes occurring on the north shore of Staten Island.The exhibition works as a sort of visual storytelling, specifically detailing the ways in which the neighborhood has been altered and the effects on its inhabitants.


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