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newspaper's influential critic Kenneth Tynan, who saw it as the first totally original play of a new generation.

newspaper's influential critic Kenneth Tynan, who saw it as the first totally original play of a new generation.

His friend Cliff Lewis, who helps Jimmy run a sweet stall, lives with them.

Jimmy, intellectually restless and thwarted, reads the papers, argues and taunts his friends over their acceptance of the world around them.

The admiration of William Gaunt's Colonel Redfern for Jimmy's principles and his amusement at Jimmy's description of Mrs Redfern as “an overfed, overprivileged old bitch”, are set against his total lack of comprehension of what Jimmy's life actually means. It is clear from Osborne's script that there was no lack of a sense of life's difficulties around at the time.

Alison says to him “You're hurt because everything is changed. But the emphasis had shifted from the martyred expressions of the British ruling class and their “white man's burden”, as represented in Colonel Redfern, to a more serious appraisal of life for those outside that ruling class.

He rages to the point of violence, reserving much of his bile for Alison's friends and family.

The situation is exacerbated by the arrival of Helena, an actress friend of Alison's from school.

Between scenes, wreaths of cigarette smoke rise up the curtains. Matilda Ziegler's Helena also captures a lost period of weekly repertory theatre, of companies travelling the country with precisely the sort of play that .

It was a time when actors auditioned in suits or the sort of starched twin-pieces that Helena wears before she moves in with Jimmy. ” Or as it was put in a article from December 1959 which is quoted in the programme: “Out of this decade has come the Illusion of Comfort, and we have lost the sense of life's difficulty”.

Thanks to a fine performance from William Gaunt the sympathy felt by Colonel Redfern, Alison's father, for Jimmy came as a revelation, but still totally understandable within the framework of the play.

The language, too, still has the power to shock, such as when Jimmy, unaware of Alison's pregnancy, says to her: “If only something—something would happen to you, and wake you out of your beauty sleep! Let it grow, let a recognisable human face emerge from that little mass of India rubber and wrinkles. I wonder if you might even become a recognisable human being yourself.


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