Euthyphro Essay Questions

One of the teachings of Eastern religions/philosophies and some New Age religions/philosophies is that all things are interconnected or intertwined, though those interconnections aren’t always obvious.This is true with the These are the complicated, interconnections that the Euthyphro dilemma raises.

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Here, Socrates asks Euthyphro to define for him the meaning of piety and impiety.

So where do our ideas of what is good, just, moral, ethical, right come from?

I wrote an essay about this back in 2009 “Misperceptions about Atheists”.

Socrates and Piety of Socrates and Piety Socrates’s dialogues are considered to be one of the most important treatises of philosophy and one of the foundations for the emergence of modern western philosophy as well.

The importance of Socrates’s dialogues represent that branch of philosophy that recognizes the universal aspect of philosophy and while the universality of any tenet may have been in dispute for quite a while now, the effect of Socrates’s views on modern philosophy cannot be disputed.


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