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Moreover, assuming that you believe in evolution, shouldn't we expect this to be a temporary problem, one that will take care of itself as succeeding generations develop mechanisms which don't store fat ?

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This willingness to present both sides of the issues, combined with his prodigious research on the industry, makes for a book that, though the author clearly has a viewpoint that he wants to get across, also allows readers to make up their own minds, and provides the information necessary to make informed decisions.

Though I disagreed with many of Schlosser's arguments, it was really refreshing to find an author who acknowledges competing views.

(MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, Salon) -REVIEW : of Mc Libel by John Vidal (complete review) My sister was required to purchase this book while getting her BA in hospitality management. From what we have read of the book, I agree with all the points you made in your criticism.

I feel there are a lot of people willing to jump to the island of conclusions over supposed exposes like this book and the recent "Super Size Me".

He makes a big issue of the attempt by restaraunteurs to hold employees to minimum wage and not give them benefits, but at the same time he acknowledges that most of the workforce is made up of teenagers and : Although some fast food restaurants to help their families, most of the kids take jobs after school in order to have a car.

Now, I'd acknowledge that a labor force of fathers trying to support their families on minimum wage would represent a social problem, but I won't shed a tear over teens who want their own cars.Here are some of the instances in which this contradictory dynamic crops up.One of the topics that he spends a good deal of time on is the pay levels in the industry, both for those who actually work in restaurants and for those who produce and process the food.In the scariest portion of the book, he details all of the potentially lethal microbes that have invaded the food supply, e. He goes to great lengths to show how inadequate the system is for inspecting meat and testing for these contaminants, and I'll accept every word he says.But he also concedes that when meat is cooked properly these microbes are killed and then points out that food irradiation will also destroy them and is safe, but that misunderstanding of the process and fearmongering has kept it from being widely adopted.Similarly, in a section on the unskilled, uneducated migrant workers who are being "exploited" by the meat packers, Schlosser notes that they get something like an hour, whereas the average worker in Mexico and Central America, where many of these employees come from, makes a day.Sure, it would be wonderful if these folks were getting rich working at the undeniably difficult and often dangerous jobs they perform, but, comparatively, they are getting a damn good deal right now.Disclaimers like that one usually indicate the opposite of what they say.But just a few sentences later comes a surprising admission which sets the tone for the whole book : During the two years spent researching this book, I ate an enormous amount of fast food. This is one of the main reasons people buy fast food; it has been carefully designed to taste good. This is merely the first of many times throughout the book where Schlosser's fairness and honesty compel him to reveal facts that tend to undercut the polemical thrust of his arguments.-ESSAY : At Last, Americans Swallow the Truth About Their Burgers (Andrew Gumbel, Independent Digital (UK) -ESSAY : Ignorance is Bliss (Eric Alterman, The Nation) -BOOK CLUB : This week, Katha Pollitt and Marjorie Williams investigate Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser's stomach-turning indictment of Mc Donald's, Burger King, and their ilk.(Slate) -REVIEW : of Fast Food Nation (Maria Russo, Salon) -REVIEW : of Fast Food Nation (Michiko Kakutani, NY Times) -REVIEW : of Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal By ERIC SCHLOSSER (ROB WALKER, NY Times Book Review) -REVIEW : of Fast Food Nation (Nicols Fox, Washington Post Book World) -REVIEW : of Fast Food Nation (Philip Delves Broughton, Daily Telegraph) -REVIEW : of Fast Food Nation (Complete Review) -REVIEW : of Fast Food Nation (Audrey Row, SF Chronicle) -REVIEW : of Fast Food Nation (James Meek, London Review of Books) -AWARD : Best Investigative Series: "Fast Food Nation," by Eric Schlosser, Rolling Stone, September 3 and November 26, 1998 (Impressions Magazine) ANTI-FAST FOOD SITES : -Mc Spotlight GENERAL : -National Council of Chain Restaurants -The American Meat Institute (AMI) -ESSAY : SERVICE TENSION : Cretinous clerks, -- woolly-headed waiters, angst-ridden attendants -- you just can't get good help these days.


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