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With a net worth estimated by Forbes at 5 million, Smith hardly needs the money or the cachet that comes along with being in the movie business, although he watches the investment closely to make sure Alcon doesn’t stray from its business plan.“The problem tends to be there’s an emotional quotient that seems to override the movie business. It’s different from my usual line of work,” said Smith, who’s invested in other ventures including the airplane trading business and sports arenas.After some trying years, the company today is a -billion-a-year enterprise.Before meeting Kosove and Johnson in 1994, Smith had dabbled in movie investing with a London-based financier friend.“We made and lost some money, but overall, it turned out all right,” Smith said.When Kosove and Johnson helped Smith land distribution for one of the independent films he was financing, “Love Is All There Is,” they asked in return if he would read their business plan.While most movies lose business each week, “Skip” was actually up 3% over last weekend.Given that it only cost million, “Skip” has already recouped its negative cost and should be highly profitable for Alcon, named after a mythological archer who helped Hercules.And, that’s not going to happen with Alcon,” Smith said. Smith considers himself “a typical movie fan,” whose favorite films include such classics as “Gone With the Wind” and David Lean’s 1957 war drama “The Bridge on the River Kwai” and more recently, “all of Tom Hanks movies,” including “The Green Mile,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Philadelphia” and “Forrest Gump.”Smith gets a kick out of the fact that Hanks is “playing a Fed Ex guy” in Dream Works SKG and 20th Century Fox’s forthcoming Christmas release “Cast Away,” directed by Robert Zemeckis.“There’s no emotional part for me.” He added, “The most important thing Andrew and Broderick brought to the table was their ability to be disciplined.”Smith said he has no desire to participate in the creative side of movie making. “In the macro sense, it makes no sense at all, but it is fun. And, unlike some outsiders to the movie business, Smith doesn’t seem at all enamored by the glamour and the power that Hollywood and its players offer.“I’m a transportation executive,” Smith said.Smith believes “the movie business is much more adaptable to business principles than most people believe it is.”For the past 3 1/2 years, the Alcon partners said Smith has paid them each a salary of ,000 a month.Smith said he agreed to finance three movies initially, “assuming they were done well.”Alcon’s first attempt, “Lost & Found,” an -million comedy starring David Spade that cost a whopping million to market, bombed badly, losing at least half of its investment.


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