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Ford's innovative technique and experimentation foresaw the whole modernist movement and such works as Samuel Beckett's Molloy (1951) and J. After the war Ford lived in isolation in the country for a time.

Ford's first major work, the Fifth Queen trilogy, appeared in 1906-08.

It was based on the life of Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII.

Novelist, poet, literary critic, editor, one of the founding fathers of English Modernism. A frequent theme was the conflict between traditional British values and those of modern industrial society.

Ford was involved with a number of women, including the novelist Jean Rhys, who described their unhappy relationship in After Leaving Mr. "But for the judging of contemporary literature the only test is one's personal taste.

However, he spoke fluent French and German, some Italian and Flemish, and had good knowledge of Greek and Latin. The marriage was unhappy and broke up in 1908, but Ford never divorced her.

At the age of nineteen he converted to Catholicism Ford's first book was The Brown Owl (1891), a fairy tale, which was illustrated by his grandfather. According to some sources, he had nearly twenty major relationships with women over the course of his lifetime. He could quote long passages from classics and he once started a French translation of his work without a copy of the book or a note.In 1908 Ford launched the English Review, which attracted such contributors as Thomas Hardy, H. Wells, John Galsworthy, Henry James, and Anatole France.Ford lost control of the Review in 1910, a time of crisis in his life, which was associated with his romance with the writer Violet Hunt.To have time for his own writing, Ford rented a small studio at Guermantes-prs-Lagny.In the late 1923 or early 1924, Ford and Stella were joined in he cottage by Jean Rhys, whose husband Jean Lenglet had been arrested in 1924, convicted for embezzlement, and extradicted from France.All four involved in the Ford-Rhys affair, which broke their marriages, wrote books about it.After sepataring from Stella, Ford settled into a spacious studio on rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs. When he left Paris for six months in 1929, he turned over this apartment to Caroline Gordon, his former secretary, and her poet-husband, Allen Tate.They lived in a small cottage on the boulevard Arago between number 65 and the tennis courts at number 69, where Hemingway and Pound played tennis.The sound of the guillotine from the nearby Sant prison added its own tone to his famous parties.He had met the author in the late 1890s and collaborated with him on The Inheritors (1901) and Romance (1903).Conrad's use of mediating narrators impressed Ford deeply. The Soul of London (1905) was an experimental work, in which Ford tried to capture the spirit of the metropolis through impressionistic perceptions.


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