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There is little doubt that we can enrich our lives by developing friendships.

There is little doubt that we can enrich our lives by developing friendships.This essay is the winner of our Essay Writing Contest 2014 As I log onto Instagram, I view posts from friends I met at a business conference as they prepare for university and spend their last free summer exploring the world.This helps to stop us from feeling lonely and gives us someone that we can talk to – even if it is just to chat about inconsequential things.

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It can be difficult to talk to your parents or your college advisors, but if you have a close friend who you can really open up to then it gives you the ideal outlet to talk about the things that have been weighing on your mind.

When you have friends around you, you can seek out their advice on just about any topic ranging from relatively inconsequential things like which clothes to wear on a date to more serious topics such as dealing with relationship problems.

It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you have a friendship where you can always rely on someone to be there in your moment of need!

In conclusion, friendship is a huge part of our lives and it is something to be treasured.

Friends can offer incredibly helpful advice to one another when problems arise.

For young people, in particular, it is very important to have a friend t confide in.

This is because when you have friends, you know that you can always reach out to them for help and they will be ready and willing to lend a hand whenever they are able to.

Friends can rely on one another for all manner of assistance from helping you to move house to run errands for you when you are unwell or even just helping you to perfect your hair and make up for a big date!

Whether you are just hanging out with a friend between classes, going out on a shopping trip or even just sitting at home watching a movie everyone needs a friend that they can spend time with.

Even if it is not possible for you to spend time together in person, being able to communicate with someone by phone, email or even text message can also provide you with a feeling of companionship.


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