Gardner Theory Of Multiple Intelligences Essay

The coming together of multiple intelligences theory and artistic education ismostly an accident, but I consider it to be a happy accident.Once I had put forth the notion that there exist several human intelligences, many educators embraced the idea that we should be sure to nurture each of these intelligences in school.The arts also provide uniquely individualistic insights into remote persons and cultures, even as they also allow one to be in closer touch with the thoughts and emotions of those around one, and indeed, with one's own mental life.

Among them are the likelihood that skill and craft gained in the arts help students to understand that they can improve in other consequential activities and that their heightened skill can give pleasure to themselves and to others.

(This could be construed as an instrumental argument, but it is instrumental only in the broadest sense.) Huma beings have done many terrible things, but they have also done some wonderful things; among these are the artistic genres and works that have accumulated over the centuries and that remain oone of the best markers of a civilization.

Contrary to what you may have heard, there is no part of the mind/brain that is dedicated specifically to the arts.

Indeed, I don't believe that our species evolved over thousands of years to be able to be able to participate in the arts, except for the obvious fact that most of us are able to carry a tune or draw a house or dance in time, more or less.

Effective arts education presupposes two conditions: a mind/brain that is capable of mastering the arts, and a supportive environment.

My theory of multiple intelligences provides a basis for education in the arts.

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