Gender Role In The Media.Essay

Moreover, due to their great influence on people’s attitudes, they can depict certain social groups in negative and unrealistic manner.

They can be a very useful tool for those remaining power.

In a nutshell, media is a sword in hands of people. I think it is not enough to blame on the society and wait for results and changes without acting. Anyway, stereotypical examples of the portrayal of women in media have their roots in traditions and cultures.

Devoted journalists use this sword quite effectively and contribute to the development of societies. And when we let figures speak actually the reality becomes more disappointing because: What? I do not think there are any reasonable explanations for such a statistics idea than stereotypes about women such us being extremely emotional, addicted to gossiping and spreading fake news. In terms of job opportunities, it means that women and men must share the same professional opportunities, equal pay and feel equally represented in the workplace. She is a prospective translator and devoted content writer, speaks several languages. Aghavni believes in the unlimited strength of women in this “man’s world” and apparently, is a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey.

Women’s liberation movement fought for the rights of women and for redefining traditional gender roles.

Gender Role In The Media.Essay

They claimed, that there should be no distinction between typical masculine and feminine occupations, and that traits of character should not be ascribed once and for all to one gender.

They consist of press, television, radio, books and the Internet.

The latter is now the most developing medium, however, TV also has a wide field of influence.

Although females and males are still not equal, the differences between gender are not so vast anymore.

Nevertheless, many social institutions, such as mass media, still use gender stereotypes, basing on the assumption, that they are well known to everyone and help the receivers to understand the content of the message.


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