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Despite his instinct for home, despite his loyalty, Buck was never to see the sunny porch of California again.Instead, in juxtaposition, Buck became part of a wolf pack, one of which held a brother with whom he had known during his tribulation times, "And Buck ran with them, side by side with the wild brother, yelping as he ran" (185).

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Nature was unforgiving, and clearly the dogs were not cherished for their companionship, but only their ability to pull the sled.

Buck was also unprepared for the madness that occasionally overcame sled dogs and even his former pal Dolly succumbed to "the axe crashing down upon mad Dolly's head" (56).

In Hatchet, we find the harshness of nature early in the way the plane, a supposed technological wonder, is nothing but a plaything in the hands of nature: There was a great wrenching as the wings caught the pines at the side of the clearing and broke back, ripping back just outside the main braces.

Dust and dirt blew off the floor into his face so hard he thought there must have been some kind of explosion.

Somebody was screaming, screaming as the plane drove down into the water.

Someone screamed tight animal screams of fear and pain and he did not know that it was his sound, that he roared against the water that took him and the plane still deeper, down into the water.The protagonist, Buck, is a dog that is kidnapped and placed into servitude as a sled dog during the 19th century Klondike Gold Rush.It is Bucks loyalty and instinct to return to his owners that forms the plot of the book -- and the assumptions the reader is able to make about the inhumanity of humans and the very real loyalty and humanity Buck shows.The club was a revelation to him "It was the introduction to the reign of primitive law" (19) and changed the way he would forever view the world.What he could not understand was how these humans could be so different than the ones he knew before.Hatchet is a 1987, three-time Newbery Honor book for young adults dealing with survival, and is the first of four novels using the same characters.The gist of the plot follows 13-year-old Brian Robeson who is stranded alone in the Canadian wilderness after a crash landing from a bush plane. Wild) Published in 1903, Call of the Wild is Jack London's most popular book.It is sometimes seen as a book for young adults, but is a dark trip into human nature and a species that can be noble as well as incredibly cruel and insensitive.He was momentarily blinded and slammed forward in the seat, smashing his head on the wheel.Then a wild crashing sound, ripping of metal, and the plane rolled to the right and blew through the trees, out over the water and down, down to slam into the lake, skip once on water as hard as concrete, water that tore the windshield out and shattered the side windows, water that drove him back into the seat.


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