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Lisa is leading that charge in our local community and I was thrilled and honored that she asked me to join her.The Lee County chapter meets monthly with a mission to empower women in the building industry.

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As a female-owned business, we believe it is important to promote the interests of women in the building trades. Until recently, there was no local chapter of the PWB.

That changed when Lisa Campfield, Co-owner and Design Director of builder Homeworks of Alabama, pitched the idea of a Lee County chapter to several of her colleagues in the industry.

Go to office hours to understand mistakes on tests. Study the slides for specifics & your notes for hints he gives. Alot of people are saying he just reads of his power point. There is HW for the class but he sets you up for success. Attendance isnt mandatory, he only gives outlines for the tests. I struggled in this class and I am normally a straight A student. He dosen't give many opportunities for extra credit as well.

Which he does but if you LISTEN, he breaks it down. He tends to go on lots of tangents during lecture but also gets his point across. He does give extra credit and can be funny sometimes during lectures. It sounds like the other EC110 professors are harder so I would recommend having this guy. In the MANY homework assignment you have a few that are "bonus." He never really said whether or not they were, but they were definitely pretty easy if you paid attention in lecture! He does OK lectures but it feels like he just reads his notes instead of actually explaining things. He offers very clear explanations of all the topics and offers a bunch of extra credit through homework assignments.

The talk focused on personal branding and design services.

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I enjoyed sharing with this group of women and I hope I encouraged them.

He offers extra credit just for doing your homework. This class wasn't the worst I have taken but it definitely could've been better.

If you show up to class and actually try you're practicaly guarenteed to get an A.

The most recent meeting, which we hosted at our East Alabama office, was a presentation from Eloise Stewart of Eloise Design Company.

This local company offers branding and career counseling services to students, and creative design, branding and event services to entrepreneurs.


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