How To Show Problem Solving Skills

How To Show Problem Solving Skills-50
During an interview- you will undoubtedly be faced with a variety of questions.A great deal of these will be behavioral interview questions such as ‘Give me an example of a time when you solved a problem with your research skills.’ You may have experience answering more traditional- fact-based questions- but behavioral questions are of a slightly different nature.Using my knowledge of accounting- I decided to look back over the information she submitted to us- and I noticed several inconsistencies after using traditional and electronic accounting methods.

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Problem solving requires two distinct types of mental skill, analytical and creative.

Analytical or logical thinking includes skills such as ordering, comparing, contrasting, evaluating and selecting.

By answering behavioral questions- you will have the opportunity to show the interviewer the personal traits that make you the best candidate for the job.

Depending on the interviewer- the question above may be rephrased as ‘Can you describe a time when your research skills helped you solve a problem?

Behavior-related questions can be very complex at times- but they can be answered using the STAR method.

Practice answering common behavioral questions before attending the interview.This is what the letters stand for: The STAR method ensures that you answer the question in a detailed and professional manner.Simply choose a specific situation or task- discuss the actions you decided to take and wrap up your response with the results of your actions.Whatever example you decide to use- just be sure that it is relevant to the job and the industry at hand.If you are interviewing for your first professional job- it is acceptable to use a situation related to school or volunteer work.Use an Example Where Your Research Actually Made a Difference: Even if you use a work-related example- you will need to be sure that it sounds as if your actions had a positive impact on the situation.Don’t talk about the time you found overlooked simple data in a file or the time you had to write a research paper in college.Everyone has to do these things- and you will simply sound like all the other applicants if you discuss mundane issues.Choose an example where you were forced to take control of a situation and jumped into researching a topic headfirst.Discuss the reference tools you used to conduct the research- go into detail about the individuals involved in the problem- and talk about how you actively applied the information you gathered.Try to avoid making yourself sound like a hero- and simply show your interviewer that you are proactive and results-oriented.


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