Is A Letter Of Intent The Same As A Personal Statement

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Don't simply copy and paste letters which you see on the web. Things like age, social security number, marital staus, hobbies and social activities never go in cover letters or letters of interest.

Producing a cover letter or letter of interest which will increase your chances of making the first cut takes time. After all, this is the first impression a prospective employer will have of you. If your materials are not flawless, be assured that your competitors' materials will be. If you imply that you have certain credentials or experience, then you better have them. They will include a review of your degrees and transcripts as well as conversations with the referees which you have listed.

Be prepared to write and rewrite your letter several times. Don't give personal information in a letter of interest or cover letter.

Depending on the instructions you read on a private school's employment page, you may be directed to send a letter of interest or a cover letter.

Some people think that a letter of interest is the same as a cover letter. What then exactly is the difference between these two letters and how do you compose them?

Some applications call for one statement, while others require responses to a series of six or more questions, ranging from 250 to 750 words each.

The importance of the statement varies from school to school and from field to field.

Some cover letters are used to apply for a particular position, while others are sent as letters of inquiry.

A well-written letter can help heighten the employer's interest in learning more about you by reading your resume and meeting you for an interview.

Others suggest subjects which should be addressed specifically.

Still others are quite unstructured, leaving the applicant free to address a wide range of matters.


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