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And this is backed up by research conducted across all industries.

And so in September 2012, MYGYM Bristol opened its doors to customers for the first time on Dean St. While initially a martial arts venue to house UWE’s combat clubs, Ibrahim soon added a fully-functioning gym on the back of the growing demand he noticed for such a facility in the area.

He opened MYGYM Bristol as a fully-functional gym in January 2013 and hasn’t looked back since.

This allows you to focus your time and energy wisely.

By sitting down and doing out a gym business plan, it forces you to research the different factors that are going to affect the success of your business.

An interviewer once asked the enigmatic world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, about what thought his opponent was planning for an upcoming fight.

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His answer was as blunt as the force of one of his famous left hooks: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” This attitude towards planning has become popular in the entrepreneur and start-up culture where “learning by doing” is favored to producing a meticulous business plan that may need to be tossed in the bin at the first sign of trouble or change. The trend towards throwing the business plan out the window seems to most popular in the tech world where companies don’t operate in the traditional sense.

To achieve this, we approached the Regional Growth Fund which had funding from the EU for any emerging start-up that had real plans.”Using the gym business plan they had created as part of their application process led them to receive the funding they needed to finally own their building, which Ibrahim says has had an extremely positive knock-on effect for the rest of the business.“We received £80,000 in funding, and we were able to use that to secure our property which we now own,” he says.

“And this has led to a reduction in the overall costs of running the business and has enormously increased our asset value.”An important point to note is the plan itself is an evolving document that grows with your business. From a strictly martial arts venue for hire, they have evolved into a fully-functioning gym that now has the addition of Olympic weightlifting and power-lifting facilities.

Writing a gym business plan can be a useful exercise to help you clarify exactly what your ideas are for the gym.

It can help you understand the scope of the fitness business and figure out the resources(staffing, equipment, facilities) you need to get going.


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