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Another necessary condition is perhaps[br]having decent grades. If p is sufficient for Q, then P's being [br]true is enough to make Q true.

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Now it's a little harder to think of a [br]sufficient condition for getting accepted to a university.

But consider some seventeen year old who[br]just won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Arguments like this are called deductive[br]arguments. A good deductive argument can give you a[br]very good reason for believing its conclusion.

After all, it guarantees that its [br]conclusion is true.

But not all deductive arguments are good,[br]and so there are several things to think about when deciding whether to believe the[br]conclusion of a deductive argument.

A good deductive argument really does[br]guarantee its conclusion.

Now this is a special, technical use of[br]the word "valid." In ordinary life, we often use this word[br]to mean something like good, cogent, or reasonable.

Like if you're disagreeing with someone[br]about something, and they respond to a claim you make by saying something that[br]seems pretty reasonable to you, you might say, "Well, I guess you have[br]a valid point." Though that's what the word often means[br]in ordinary life, it's not what the word means here.

You can only be accepted to a university[br]if you are human.

Another necessary condition is submitting[br]an application. You can't get accepted to a university [br]unless you apply there.


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