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I'm not going to revisit the historical events of the day, because Wikipedia provides a readily available account and because the timeline of events is actually secondary to what matters.

My father was one of those outraged by the Palace's role in these events, and he wrote to the Queen and in due course received the usual mealy-mouthed denial that the Queen had any responsibility for it.

Résumé Crow de Roy Braverman Palm Springs, un parc aquatique est plongé dans le chaos car, en coulisses, deux hommes se battent jusqu’à la mort. On comprendra pourquoi et qui est cet homme après avoir avancé dans le roman.

En tous les cas, personnellement, je n’ai rien vu venir quant à cet homme, qui se fait appeler Groove.

Laurel Snyder Children's / Middle Grade It’s finally the last day of school, but Leah has a long summer looming ahead, with no camp or vacation plans.

With boredom starting from day one, she’s aimless in her attempts to stay afloat during the long, hot summer days.

I thought that everything would be resolved then...

the Senate had passed Supply and it's the House of Reps that forms government in democracies like ours. Avis Crow de Roy Braverman Après Hunter, voici Crow.

You can read the judgement here, but the nuts and bolts of it is that the correspondence is not the property of the Commonwealth and therefore there is no authority to release them under the Archives Act.

The Palace can embargo their release indefinitely...]I was glued to the radio on November 11th 1975, and I remember the short-lived moment of relief when Whitlam returned to the House of Representatives after Kerr had dismissed him and the House carried a motion of No Confidence in Kerr's stooge Malcolm Fraser.


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