Lesson Plan For Writing A Personal Statement

Begin filling up the remaining squares with those labels you have for yourself." I set a timer for six minutes and let the students talk while they are deciding what to put in these squares.

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Hands-on Learning A personal statement should ultimately become a short essay of some five paragraphs that elaborates on students’ goals and qualifications.Think of it as their philosophical heartbeat; it should connect with the heart as well as the head.Encourage them to share their purpose statements and to keep them accessible so they can refer back to them.I ask them to label each square with a different title."Everyone in the room is a son or daughter, so start there.This exercise has helped them to prioritize what they value, where they excel, and what they want to accomplish with their lives and then present it in a persuasive narrative.Now, challenge those same students to be concise by writing a one-sentence purpose statement. They must wade into all of that thinking and writing to extract the essence of who they are and, more importantly, what drives them.Passion projects abound as sophomores, juniors and seniors look for creative and compelling ways to communicate their true passion to the world — and to discerning college-admissions officers. Crafting personal statements is a great place to start.Finding your passion has become almost cliché and, quite frankly, leaves many students (and adults) scratching their heads about what that truly means. Article Building a ‘Work Brand’ that People Will Brag About As students begin to explore who they are, it’s important to think about it in the context of their personal brand, or more specifically, the characteristics that they become known for in school, life and the workplace.“I first did this exercise when I was in my early 20s,” notes Dhanyamraju. It was to live my life in such a way that I would help each and every person in my sphere of influence realize their full potential.When I’m in doubt, I go back to that purpose statement and basically ask myself the question: ‘Am I living that purpose or not?


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