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Generally, a project should have no more than one or two aim statements, and should include a number of objectives consistent with the aim(s).Objectives word count: 200–300 Following the stated aim or research question, you must review the published literature on your topic.

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Rather you would divide the orange into segments and eat each segment.

In a similar way think of the research aim as a broad statement, which you need to divide into segments (subordinate objectives) in order to carry out the study.

It also allows us to assess the potential of the project, and whether we have sufficient expertise in the area to provide adequate supervision for your project.

You can search our list of research supervisors to look for potential supervisors in your area of interest.

Think of a research aim as an orange and the objectives as the segments.

You would not try to put the whole orange in your mouth.

You may also wish to contact potential supervisors to discuss your research project.

A proposal means outlining what investigation you would like to do in the near future (that is, 12 - 24 months following the writing of this proposal).

There should not be any case description or analysis in a proposal; case description and analysis should be written after you have done the research, and have something to analyse.

The model of research proposal presented here is based on the idea that research follows a logical developmental process.


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