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It is something he tries to build throughout the piece.He uses history and comparison in paragraph two about how America has always glorified killers and outlaws, “they have made them into folk heroes,” even romanticizing their lifestyles.In paragraph five of “Rolling Stone”, Archives Issue 815: June 24, 1999, Manson launches an assault on the reader’s logic with a paragraph full of rhetorical questions, and more commas than you can shake a stick at.

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This day they were “going for the big kill” in a suicide attack to coincide with Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20th.

That morning in Littleton, Colorado, Dylan and Eric went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School, killing 12 students and 1 teacher—and the two suicides of Dylan and Eric.

Another appeal to pathos is Manson’s use of history again in paragraph three referencing the Princess Diana tragedy “Disgusting vultures looking for corpses, exploiting, fucking, filming and serving it up for our hungry appetites in a gluttonous display of endless human stupidity.” writes Manson.

Although this is a good emotional argument, when is it too much?

The most commonly asked question is "could anyone have stopped this senseless, horrific catastrophe?

" Some say the police could have taken action when the Browns sent the print out. I’m 30-year-old man who wears fricken clown make-up and Marilyn Manson he has 200$ eye contact in his left eye I mean what person would listen to what say and actually do it.” Other people say it was the parents, to some extent that is true like it was stated above they could have been more involved.All of paragraph eight shows appeal towards ethos; talking about the responsibility of freedom, and pointing out “you cannot escape death and you cannot escape prison.” His attempt at establishing ethics may be enough for the open minded, but he has already turned off a good percentage of his audience due to tone and language.In paragraph four Manson brings in the most identifying phrase in the piece, “Throw a rock and you’ll hit someone who is guilty.” This is such a powerful statement because it opens your ears, because it has a feeling of sage wisdom to it.It is an impressive way to argue, and if not convinced at very least it will make them entertain a different point of view. I recently read “After a few perfunctory tears for the victims, the media is looking for someone to blame.The parents, judging from the remarks of state officials, are being singled out as the most likely target for public vengeance.Other say it was movies (like the “Matrix”) having the Black trenchcoats and killing of people. (That’s ridiculous, because I think personally that Dylan and Eric would have done it way regardless of music.) The lead singer of I. The only people to blame are the people that sold them weapons and the shooters, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.Since then there has been lots of copycat’s of bombing and shooting threats, but some of them have ended fatally.He uses personal experience, tone, storytelling, analogy, comparison/contrast, history, and rhetorical questions to support his argument.The “Columbine” article came out nearly two months after the shootings in the June 24, 1999 issue of “Rolling Stone Magazine.” It was aimed at an audience of a mostly 25-50 year old liberal demographic that reads the magazine.Like the abortion doctor in Florida killed by radical pro-lifers….. “Doctor killed by pro-life activists”, yeah that makes sense, again using tone and storytelling.And let’s not forget the , the rhetorical question.


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