Methodology Political Science Research Paper

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All submitted papers and research notes are first subject to an Editorial Board Evaluation that may result in desk-rejection (communicated to the authors with a brief justification) or acceptance of the submission to the main, double-blind external peer review process. However, abstracts for ELA articles should be written in two languages: one of them must be English.

The results of the peer review (publish, publish with minor revisions, revise and resubmit or reject) are then communicated to the authors. The journals strongly advise authors to submit their texts to a proofreading process before sending them to the editorial board.

Conclusions may or may not specifically challenge or support findings in existing literature.

(Model construction) and Conclusions Causal models may be formulated and general conclusions reached.

The Editorial Board will not evaluate articles by authors who already (co-)authored other articles currently under evaluation.

Articles published or under consideration in another publication or publishing platform will not be considered. All articles should respect the formal structure and all requirements stated in the “Instructions for Authors” subsection of IAPSS Publications. A manuscript that does not meet the formal requirements presented in the Section ‘Required Paper Format’ of the online Paper Submission Guidelines cannot be accepted.The Editorial Board will contact the authors in order to communicate the results of each evaluation. Politikon publishes all content exclusively in English; ELA publishes articles written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. If possible, data shared publicly and/or presented together with the manuscript. Available at [Accessed ]: Should you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Appendices Every piece of data used shown so as to facilitate potential replications. List of References (Bibliography) Structured in the required format. Future research Possibilities of future research for the researcher or other scholars, promising directions, requirements for future research.Don’t try to present every possible aspect that could cause the political event you are writing about.Focus on the main ones, try to create the clear but not very detailed picture: your audience can get lost in the countless theories and possible causes.Book reviews are normally subject to an Editorial Board Evaluation only, unless the need for expertise in a specific subfield that is not present in the Editorial Board necessitates the commissioning of an external peer-review on a double-blind basis. Articles that do not match basic academic writing standards will not be accepted.Submissions are to be sent exclusively in electronic format to [email protected]


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