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“With a mileage of 23.6 km, the Nano is clearly best in its class and India’s most fuel-efficient petrol car.

“With a mileage of 23.6 km, the Nano is clearly best in its class and India’s most fuel-efficient petrol car.It has more space than its close competitors, thanks to the 2-cylinder aluminium MPFI 624 cc petrol engine which can fit snugly into the rear.

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But less than three years later, the Tata Nano continues to underperform in terms of sales, and in late 2011 underwent its second brand overhaul.

In early 2012 Tata Motors indicated it would not break even on the product in this financial year.

Here was an emerging-market brand apparently out-innovating its global rivals, creating a product that met the needs of the planet's newest consumers.

At INR100,000 (around ,000) per car, it was the embodiment of 'frugal innovation', building products to suit low pricepoints, and looked set to become a classic business-school case study.The (A) case is set in 2006 and discusses the decision Tata Motors must make about where in India to locate a manufacturing plant to build the Nano – the world’s cheapest car. Exhibits include statistical comparisons (including population, religious breakdowns, GSDP, etc.); a map of city locations; incentives; and results of elections in each city.The (A) case presents four possible locations, and the students must evaluate which location would be the best and defend their decision. Students are also asked to evaluate why Tata would aim for - and want to advertise – a national geographical presence in manufacturing.Anita Basalingappa MICA Tata Nano was India's biggest business story.Launched in 2009, the small car from Tata Motors made headlines all over the world.The main task for the company now is to simply get a move on, and start focusing on the business end of how to make the car more desirable and appealing to the people it wants to sell the Nano to.September 25, 2011 School of Business, Bangalore The cheapest road car in the world today is made in India.The case also asks students about the role of geography in the escalation of the crisis, and whether Tata could have anticipated the crisis.(C) case discusses Tata’s decision regarding the plant and updates the situation through 2012.“Nano entered Sri Lanka’s taxi market in June 2011, where it was seen as an alternative to shaky three-wheeler auto rickshaws.It also offered a price advantage over air conditioned cabs.


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