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Just like the resume it is pretty important to tailor the personal statement to the programs you are applying for. I spent hours looking at UCSD and San Luis Obispo’s website writing down words and traits that I saw were repeated.

For example, In my example resume I could have included both the sports nutrition and clinical experience under a “practicum” header.

But I knew that the program I was applying to valued clinical experience so I wanted to make SURE that they knew I had clinical experience even if they were just skimming the document.

But, as a seasoned vet I am here to help by providing you with tips, tricks, and examples of what I used to get into my first choice program. DICAS charges a fee of $45 for the first application and $20 for each thereafter.

Many programs also require additional fees or materials so be sure to check each programs website to ensure you are not forgetting any materials.

Unlike in a traditional job search it is okay to make the resume lengthy but the format is still very important.

Your resume says a lot about you and you need to start off on the right foot by making sure it is formatted correctly.I chose each specific header to make myself seem as well rounded as possible.My final formating tip would be to pay attention to the white space.In this case, the internships #2 candidate is checked and so on until all of their spots are filled.Everyone will find out at the same time on match day if they have been accepted into a program.Be real and honest about why you got into the field of dietetics. That being said, people outside of the field may not understand the purpose of the essay so they may be helpful for grammar fixes but take content related advice with a grain of salt and listen to your heart.I had a few people tell me not to mention my eating disorder because DI directors may look at it as a liability but I knew that it was an important part of my story and a detail needed to get my message across so I chose to leave it in.You must call to accept your spot in the program within 24 hours to confirm admission.Okay, so now that you understand the application system what goes into it?It not only has the potential to share your experience, but your organizational skills, attention to detail, writing ability and more.All of the information on your resume will be entered into DICAS individually so it may seem tedious to spend hours upon hours perfecting a resume, but, many of the internship directors I have spoken to acknowledged that they use resumes to examine their top choice candidates because the information is “theoretically” better organized than in the application system. As you can see I spent time volunteering teaching cooking classes, acted as an officer in my schools nutrition and dietetics club, helped run grocery store tours, completed multiple 3 month practicums, and worked full time throughout my undergraduate career.


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