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For instance, this is evident in the case of diabetic and AIDS patients who are not experiencing critical conditions.

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Therefore, I will be able to exhibit heightened level of care and consideration to the ailing people who are undergoing immense pain.

In addition, I am capable of enduring long periods of standing without being exhausted easily.

I also possess this attribute, which prompts one to share sufferings of others as a fellow human and caregiver.

In addressing and improving global healthcare delivery, nurses play significant role in ensuring quick recuperation process.

This is because I not only alleviate the immense pain that they go through but also give them vigor to face the next day and live a fulfilling life.

Due to my desire to pursue nursing as a career, I have made an effort to mingle with many nurses while visiting friends and close relatives in hospitals or when accompanying them to seek medical attention.My passion in nursing as a career descends from strong desire within me of seeing other people free from any pain inflicted by their illnesses.Helping patients or other people experiencing pain gives me personal satisfaction.Mainly, this is especially when a person is facing life’s challenges, which threaten their existence like diseases.I developed the heart of helping sickly people at a very tender age, an attribute deeply rooted in me to date which will go well with my nursing career.This is to make sure I am effective while handling patients and relatives who due to deteriorating situations of their loved ones some end up experiencing tension.However, being emotionally stable does not imply I cannot embody the aspect of empathy because of what my patients are undergoing.Nursing profession is a very formidable career but due to my excellent personal attributes and qualities, I will emerge as reliable nurse.This is both as a student and later as a very resourceful professional in the field.This heightens my desire and passion as I observe how nurses help patients both those facing mild and chronic illnesses to regain their full health.Sometimes when I am watching nurses undertake their duties like repositioning immobile or unconscious patients in orthopedic wards, I would wish that it were I.


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