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Attribute your red face to shyness, anger, the heat of close bodies.

Attribute your red face to shyness, anger, the heat of close bodies.

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Everywhere I go, I’m asked if I think the universities stifle writers.

My opinion is that they don’t stifle enough of them.

In our worst moments, we begin to wonder whether we’ve destroyed our genius by subscribing to this institutional mind-meld. ( Sometimes I cross busy streets without thinking; pull subconscious kamikazes. I’ll admit I was a snob on the first day of school. “I don’t remember what it was called.” I was, like most first-year students, horrified because I was compensating for my own insecurity.

When we were asked to go around in a circle and recommend a book or share our favorite writer, someone said “Faulkner” and I shuddered. When it was my turn I “recommended” the most obscure writer I could think of: Raymond Radiguet.

The moral of Lethem’s class seemed to be: “This job—writing—is a dangerous one. Louis Menand writes in his review that the book depicts entertainingly “the world of creative writing as an ant farm, in which writer-ants go about busily executing the tasks they have been programmed for.

Writing is a technology, after all, and there is a sense in which human beings who write can be thought of as machines.” There’s nothing wrong with this project; Mc Gurl simply wants to analyze the systems through which writing is now produced to see if he can find some patterns.I’ve noticed that the people who like to use this phrase are writers who are very smart but antisocial and harbor grim, post-apocalyptic visions of the future.TO MFA OR NOT MFA The essential question, TO MFA OR NOT MFA, is one that obsesses every burgeoning writer. Maybe.” I liked this advice, because it pointed to something good writing needed to have that wasn’t easy to locate or fix.He seemed to lack (or resist) the vocabulary other teachers used to talk about structure, tone, voice. She will go to school if she feels it will help her become a better writer; she will not go if she feels it will harm her.She will teach in a Program if she needs the money, she will not teach if she is can find another way to make a living.It’s the idea of attempting to school art that makes us uncomfortable. (He’s an Iowa grad, I see where he’s coming from.) Elif Batuman reignites the debate in her new article “Get a Real Degree,” by paying special attention to Mc Gurl’s argument that one of the faults of MFA Programs is that it has helped teach technique so well and made so many good writers that we simply can’t read them all.David Shields might argue that this schooling is what causes literature to be behind the times, inclining writers toward old-timey third-person omniscient fiction when we should be embracing new forms! It’s not that the Program has made us worst writers, it’s that it’s made us so good it’s impossible to tell who is bad anymore.There’s no way some of these students are going to “make it,” they think.Hack writers teaching more hack writers ad infinitum will lead to more accredited hack writers than the world can sustain.As we get closer to graduating, we might start to think that perhaps we have not actually learned that much.That maybe we were better writers before we entered The Program, and that we’ve actually just had a vacation with our student-aid money. These ten pages of writing—does this count as a novel…? INSECURITY AND POSITIVE THINKING My therapist says: break down a moment of insecurity and replace it with positive thinking.


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