Olefin Metathesis Catalyst

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They also looked at the effects of incorporating a heteroatom, changing structural motifs, and changing the pendant isoprenyl group.

Overall, the Fe Cl catalyst showed remarkable versatility in the variety of reactions that were successfully completed.

Carbonyl-olefin metathesis reactions had been limited in scope, but this study demonstrates a catalyst and optimal reaction conditions that are generalizable for a variety of reactants opening the door for the synthesis of complex compounds. Iron(III)-catalysed carbonyl–olefin metathesis, Nature (2016). DOI: 10.1038/nature17432 Abstract The olefin metathesis reaction of two unsaturated substrates is one of the most powerful carbon–carbon-bond-forming reactions in organic chemistry.

The reaction is practically useful as iron is an earth-abundant metal and is environmentally safe, and the reactions are scalable. Specifically, the catalytic olefin metathesis reaction has led to profound developments in the synthesis of molecules relevant to the petroleum, materials, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries1.

There are ways to coax a metathesis reaction to give predominantly one product, however.

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The most common technique is shown in the example below, where Dinger and Mol used a ruthenium catalyst for the self-metathesis of 1-octene.

This reaction won’t occur without a catalyst, and since catalysts work in both directions, you’ll usually end up with a thermodynamic mixture of products.

In the above example, you’ll end up with 50% of the red/blue product and 25% each of the red/red and blue/blue compounds.

The content is provided for information purposes only. I was shocked when my neighbour told me she was averaging but I see how it works now.

has led to reactivity and selectivity levels that were previously inaccessible.


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