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I expect students to familiarise themselves with, and approve, these before signing a supervision contract.

Yes, I am always seeking ambitious, talented and motivated graduate students to join various projects. Please be precise and interesting in your application if you want to hear back from me.

Frequently needed info: Previously: I was a strategist in the Executive Office of the President at the White House for both the Obama and Trump administrations (March 2016 - January 2018).

I was on the faculty in Computer Science at the University of Utah (July 2008 - July 2017).

Back at CMU there were local-to-campus on-line bulletin boards. One of these was the "general" bboard for the CS department. Thus, while normal people would go to the general bboard to sell a used couch or get advice on selecting a water heater or find out what colloquium's were coming up next month, those people would often be confused and alarmed to find stuff like this:"16-Sep-82 Neil Swartz at CMU-750R Pigeon type question This question does not involve pigeons, but is similar: There is a lit candle in an elevator mounted on a bracket attached to the middle of one wall (say, 2" from the wall). The reasonable person principle doesn't leave a lot of easy room for rules like "don't post jokes to the general bboard else no desert for you". First, Scott Fahlman invented a typographic convention to signal that a post was a joke: :-)Later, the cs.opinion newsgroup was created and people were encouraged to act out their creative writing impulses opinion occasionally went off the rails (e.g., when one T. came to have a fondness for railing with apparent sincerity against minority students who he thought unworthy of being admitted). Occasionally some real gems of writing were posted there. I recall but don't have at hand several loving realist / surrealist descriptions he wrote of life in his native Georgia.

More famously, and in some ways anticipating the SCSH acknowledgements, it this exchange: common knowledge that whenever you get two or more CS grad students together, the conversation will inevitably drift to the same topic: automatic weapons.

In medicine, my primary research area is precision medicine -- the use of data (particularly genomic data) to personalized treatments and optimize healthcare outcomes. In computer science, my primary research area is static analysis of higher-order programs, although I also do work in functional programming, relational programming, parsing and purely functional data structures.

My broader interests include language design, compiler implementation, security, program optimization, parallelism and program verification.

'' ``I think reading/posting on opinion is excellent foreplay, it kind of randomizes things: you can end up with a Muller story and get really turned on and end up screwing on top of the refrigerator, or you can read a Dippolitto or Sun post and feel like you're getting raped in a turkish prison by someone whose friendliest sex-toy is a cattle prod coated with vaseline.'' ``I decided some time ago that when I finally go over the edge I am going to start by killing as many insurance people as possible before the state police can put enough bullets in me to stop me.'' ``Given that justices of the Supreme Court receive lifetime appointments, I am completely against Bork's appointment.

It seems like a big mistake to me to have someone so ugly making such important decisions.'' ``Having tried it both ways, I've found that it's a lot easier to bring it off on a big Steinway.'' ``Often when I hear someone flaming about English usage peeves, I get the definite feeling that this someone is massaging his balls and stroking his big, hard penis all the while thinking: `Hah, hah, that stupid asshole could be as big as me if he'd just use the fucking English language correctly.'''I find that there are far more people who worry that things might offend others than there are people who are actually offended by things.


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