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Once you understand and get used to this writing formula, you’ll become more comfortable with it.

Once you understand and get used to this writing formula, you’ll become more comfortable with it.

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There are many benefits to being grateful, including appreciating the happy moments in life, feeling less lonely and developing a better immune system.

Practicing sincere gratitude for everything that happens in our lives makes us notice and value aspects of our lives that are small but wonderful: a child’s laughter, a cup of hot tea, a hug from a loved one.

The best part about this type of outline is that it fits any topic.

Whether you’re creating a paper on technology, friendship, or global warming, you can use this structure and get a fantastic logical essay with statements, details, and conclusions.

We can always learn from any negative situations we encounter.

This allows us to constructively cope with further challenges we will meet; we can apply the experience we gain this time around to problems we will face in the future.Did you know that you can effectively unleash your creative capacity and astonish everyone with your talent by creating just 5 paragraphs?Writing a 5-paragraph essay can be easier and faster than baking a 5-layer cake if you know the secret ingredient.When things are not going the way we expected, there comes a period when we have to concentrate on the things that will bring us back to balance.Whenever life decides to give us a sour lemon, we should turn it to our sweet advantage.A problem tossed into our lives presents the best opportunity to develop our healthy coping skills.You may have already heard that often it’s our attitude to a challenging situation that matters more than the situation itself; that’s why being an optimist is the best way out.Learning new lessons also makes us stronger, wiser and more self-confident.Once a problem appears we should perceive it as just another assignment given to us; considering it a lesson will certainly make it easier to cope with.Getting the most out of the issues we have to deal with is the best possible approach to difficult situations, which can often deliver opportunities for self-improvement.Looking for a lesson in problems that arise is a great way to embrace life.


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