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The forth limitation would be the selection of the participants.This study does not address categories like those of learners with learning difficulties, like the visual impaired nor those who are mentally retarded.

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There is a need for parents to decide the quality of family life they will have and then use the necessary disciplines to accomplish it, Otherwise life will push the family in diverse directions and they will be problems rather than discipline (William Sears, 1982).

The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not there is a relationship between parenting styles and learner’s classroom performance at Chankhanga Community Day Secondary School.

Also, the study will help the parents to demonstrate love to their spouses as children coming from homes whose parents quarrel each day become emotionally sick hence fail to perform well in classroom assessments.

This study would help parents to focus on how to build their children’s self-esteem and confidence.

Also the study would be beneficial to individuals and publishing houses that provide parenting views to parents and the nation; this will help the nation to employ the parenting styles that are effective.

In addition to that this study will help the teacher to handle children exposed to different parenting styles in classroom situations in the right manner.The researcher predicts that this study will have the following limitations. The researcher is conducting this study in amidst of studying other subjects.The second limitation is that of financial constraints.Mothers are more responsible for the behavior of their children than their fathers.Clarke in his book, Parenting isn’t for Super Heroes, said that parenting has not only moments of wonder, excitement, and enrichment but also broken up by long stretches of exasperation, total chaos, and suffering ( Clarke 2003).Therefore this research will examine the relationship between parenting styles and children’s classroom performance. Researchers have found out that family management practices are positively related to student’s grades and self-responsibility, and negatively to school-related problems (Santrock 2009).This shows that the role of helping a child to boost self-esteem lies in the hands of parents.Although children grow up in different families, in every family parents play an important role in giving support and stimulating children’s academic achievement and attitude towards school (Santrock, 2009).Before the child is exposed to the world the first socialization is obtained from parents. According to Santrock (2009) the value that parents place on education of their children determines the performance of the child in school.The researcher who is a student will personally fund the study.The third limitation would be the reading level of the children would be limiting the study in a way that they may not understand the concepts being communicated to them.


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