Phd Thesis Critical Discourse Analysis

Phd Thesis Critical Discourse Analysis-61
Other research interests include visual communication, news photography and visual ideologies.

Other research interests include visual communication, news photography and visual ideologies.

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Research conducted within the group of Discourse, Communication & Media (DCM) falls within two, often overlapping areas.

The first is Critical Discourse Studies (CDS), which we conduct in an empirically driven way by looking critically at the role of language and communication in contemporary social change and its displays within politics, media, organizations and wider culture.

His thesis addresses the multimodal representation of the Romany in European Media.

Petre is particularly interested in how events and social practices are recontextualized by means of language and visuals to achieve various communicative purposes.

Andersson's research is based on qualitative methods and critical discourse analysis.

Petre Breazu Petre Breazu is currently a Ph D candidate in Media and Communication.In this study it is argued that the contention on ‘Traveller ethnicity’ defies a simplistic polarisation between Irish Travellers and the Irish State since it has been simultaneously played out within the Travelling community.Specifically, this study explores how ‘Traveller ethnicity’ has been introduced, embraced, promoted and contested within Traveller politics to the point of becoming a hotly debated and divisive issue among Traveller activists and at the heart of the community itself.This dissertation assesses from an under-explored angle the enduring contention over Travellers’ ethnic recognition in the Republic of Ireland, particularly over the last decade.The novelty of this study concerns not only its specific focus on and engagement with the debate on ‘Traveller ethnicity’ among Traveller activists.She currently leads an RJ project on “Post-television practices” looking at web TV as a new way of communicating with audiences.Within her research, she studies communicative practices that arise in the web context with its altered conditions for production and reception compared to ‘old’ print media and traditional broadcasting. Michał Krzyżanowski (Head of Team)Michał Krzyżanowski works on Critical Discourse Studies of social, political and organizational change in contemporary Europe with a focus on right-wing populist politics, immigration-related discourses and online/social media.It also pertains to the examination of Travellers’ arguments for and against ethnicity in light of critical theorisations as well as insights from identity politics.Furthermore, the adoption of a Critical Discourse Analytical framework offers new perspectives to this controversy and its potential implications.Conducted within Discourse-Historical and Multimodal traditions, our CDS work focuses on a detailed, critical-linguistic analysis of media and communication and relates these to the dynamics of social contexts as sites of production and reception of discourse.The second area covered by our team is Broadcast Talk and Media Language that we examine from a systematic point of view of, inter alia, in-depth analyses media and audience practices and interactions.


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