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Philosophical Essay Topics-24
Previously asked questions: Globalization would finish small-scale industries in India.-2006 Multinational corporations – saviours or saboteurs -1994 New points to be added: The lack of secularisation of society, groups gravitate to their own communities, politicisation of religion, Triple Talaq, Universal Civil Code, personal laws etc.-2004 We may brave human laws but cannot resist natural laws.

-2012 New points to be added: Male out migration from rural areas, decreasing women's opportunities in agricultural productivity, and lower rural pay due to skill exclusions, dangerous to food security, social subsidies on education and health were removed, women became responsible for supplementing the increased cost.

Previously asked questions: If development is not engendered, it is endangered.

-2004 New points to be added: Increased MSP by 1.5 times, Loan waivers, fiscal affects of such schemes,if the farmers are really benefited or not, Atal Bhujal Yojana scheme, groundwater will be conserved efficiently and it will provide adequate amount of water for the use of agricultural purpose.

Previously asked questions: How far has democracy in India delivered the goods?

A list of some of the very important topics for essays for this year has been prepared for you guys: Also See : UPSC Exams New points to be added: The master of the roaster controversy , issue of selection of judges through collegium system, the difference of opinions between the Chief Justice and the senior supreme court judges.

Previously asked questions: Judicial activism and Indian democracy.

Previously asked questions: Spirituality and scientific temper.

-2003 Science and Mysticism : Are they compatible ?

The Inter-State River Water Disputes (Amendment) Bill, 2017 was introduced in Lok Sabha with the provision the tribunal's decision on a dispute within a period of three years.

This period is extendable by a maximum of two years.


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