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The scholars in the field should not be presumptuous on the existence of a deity when coming up with their thoughts.Most of them focus on proofs and inconsistencies in the topic of existence of God.

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In this regard, some people may have had different experiences of God, thus may know Him differently.

Additionally, some philosophers indicate that there is only one God, thus different religious groups will know Him and refer to Him differently.

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Homework Help Desk Write Zillas - writing jobs Philosophy of religion refers to a rational thought about concerns and issues of religion.

The nature of God is described after admitting that there is a deity that is different from humans and the imperfect world.

God is therefore described as one who is perfect, unchanging and all-powerful.

The focus here will be limited to six: (1) religious language and belief, (2) religious diversity, (3) concepts of God / Ultimate Reality, (4) arguments for and against the existence of God, (5) problems of evil and suffering, and (6) miracles.

The practice of philosophy, especially in the analytic tradition, places emphasis on precision of terms and clarity of concepts and ideas.

Further, some may consider the relationship between religion and science.

Ultimately, the three main themes considered are existence of God, knowledge of God, and nature of God.


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