Planning A Business Meeting

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Your choice of structure and style in running an effective meeting is hugely dependent on several factors: There will always be more than one aim, because aside from the obvious reason(s) for the meeting, all meetings bring with them the need and opportunity to care for and/or to develop people, as individuals and/or as a team.

When you run a meeting you are making demands on people's time and attention.

When you run meeting you have an authority to do so, which you must use wisely.

This applies also if the people at the meeting are not your direct reports, and even if they are not a part of your organisation.

Plan, run and follow up meetings properly, and they will repay the cost many times over because there is still no substitute for physical face-to-face meetings.

The other 55% of the meaning and feeling is carried in facial expression and non-verbal signals. (Statistics from research by Dr Albert Mehrabian.)Hold meetings, even if it's difficult to justify the time.Here are some basic rules, tips and techniques for planning and running a business or corporate meeting. Planning and running effective meetings for business, corporate, sales, managing, mediation, strategic planning and team-building1.2. Explore other options such as telephone conferencing and video conferencing before deciding that a physical meeting is required, and decide what sort of meeting is appropriate for the situation.Meetings are vital for management and communication. Subject to obvious adaptations and restrictions, the main principles of running physical face-to-face meetings apply to running virtual meetings.Properly-run meetings save time, increase motivation, productivity, and solve problems. Physical face-to-face meetings are the most effective type of meetings for conveying feelings and meanings. Accordingly, choose meeting methods that are appropriate for the situation.Important matters do not necessarily need to be resolved quickly.Urgent matters generally do not warrant a lot of discussion. Properly run meetings save time, increase motivation, productivity, and solve problems. Meetings are better than telephone conferences because only 38% of the meaning and feeling is carried in the way that things are said. Meetings are vital for management and communication. Meetings are effective because the written word only carries 7% of the true meaning and feeling.The acronym POSTAD TV helps to remember how to plan effective meetings, and particularly how to construct the meeting agenda, and then notify the meeting delegates: Priorities, Outcomes, Sequence, Timings, Agenda, Date, Time, Venue. Always have a clear purpose; otherwise don't have a meeting.Decide the issues for inclusion in the meeting and their relative priority: importance and urgency - they are quite different and need treating in different ways.


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