Plastic Boon Or Curse Essay

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This effect the the chain to be regardless of the disappearance by a liquid of oil.

This lisette them to make them slide over each other easier .

So, there are many aspects that affect the plastic: the environmental and include human, plants and animals and in economic terms.

All of this cost a lot of money because finding alternatives require a lot of researches and studies which is expensive either..

We have many solutions for this problem such as recycling and we introduce the step of recycling and the effect of recycling . Introduction almost certainly you will see plastic. All this question we will answer it in this part of report.

Our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, factories -indeed, our entire surroundings – are dominated by products made from this material. In addition, we will tell you about chemical structure for plastic to know “why it does not Degrad?

When those polymers appears,people thought that it is suitable to the engineers needs.

Bakelite was one of the first developed commercial plastics and they used as a cover of early radios.

Chemical structure Thermosets assumed to have unaccounted of molecular weight.

But in fact its common range around 20,000 and 50,000 amu .


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