Polysynthesis Linguistics

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In: Booij, Geert & Lehmann, Christian & Mugdan, Joachim (eds.) How hopeless is genealogical linguistics, and how advanced is areal linguistics?

So I kept wondering whether one can find a rigorous definition that corresponds to at least 80% of their usage.

This matters, because many general claims depend on the notion of affix, and we want to be able to test such claims and develop them further.

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Polysynthetic languages are complex; one word in these languages can represent an entire sentence.


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    Chapters in the first part of the handbook relate polysynthesis to other issues central to linguistics, such as complexity, the definition of the word, the nature of the lexicon, idiomaticity, and to typological features such as argument structure and head marking.…

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    Polysynthesis is one of the oldest and most frequently cited of typologic-al features. The Oxford English Dictionary provides an etymological defin-ition “Synthesis or composition of many elements; complex or multiple synthe-sis” 1971 234. Greenberg, arguably the founder of modern linguistic typology,…

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    Polysynthesis in the linguistic literature on Native American and Paleosiberian languages. The items…

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    Biography Academic Service. Prof. Joyce McDonough is the current Chair of the Department of Linguistics. Current Projects Morphology. The broad goal of this work is the investigation of the mental lexicon in languages with complex morphologies based on information in the speech signal.…

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    Polysynthetic - forming derivative or compound words by putting together constituents each of which expresses a single definite meaning agglutinative synthetic - systematic combining of root and modifying elements into single words…

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    Answers. In polysynthetic languages there are also many morphemes in a word, so that noun, verb and adverb morphemes can combine in one word in such a way that a whole English sentence is needed to translate such a word Yupik tuntussuqatarniksaitengqiggtuq tuntu-ssur-qatar-ni-ksaite-ngqiggte-uq "He had not yet said again.…

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    Polysynthesis Caucasian languages Adyghe Suffix order Scope Compositionality. The encyclopedia of language and linguistics Vol. 9.…

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