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At Pret, all of the items are already made and packaged; some, like cheesy panini, sit on hot shelves, while most of the items — including cold salads and sandwiches — are arranged in neat rows on refrigerated shelves.

Eat and Pret a Manger are both owned by private equity firms.

Pret was sold by Bridgeport to JAB Holdings for £1.5billion last year. Eat had been hampered by falling sales, and suffered a loss after tax of £17.2million in the last financial year.

Chia pudding, hard boiled egg “protein pots,” and fresh fruit bowls sit next to hot meatball sandwiches, cold tuna salad sandwiches spiked with fresh herbs, and colorful chicken salads.

Though it’s a sandwich chain, Pret has no obvious direct competitor in the U. Other lunch chains — even fast-food operators — prepare or at least reheat meals to order.

You must’ve noticed the recent rise of the vegetable, the vegetarian, and the vegan.

Or the announcement of Meatless Mondays and Veganuary.As it expanded into the United States, soups as well as salads and other hot plates were added to the offerings, which now also include breakfast pastries. That could be good news for Pret — if JAB uses its coffee expertise to target consumers tired of waiting in Starbucks’ long lines.Pret, which has 500 branches across the UK, currently only has a handful of vegetarian-only cafes - three in London and one in Manchester - but the takeover will provide capacity to expand the plant-based outlets.Instructed by its board to grow at 15 percent per year, Pret considered opening "twin" shops in locations too small to contain kitchens; these shops would receive sandwich deliveries throughout the day from a nearby "parent" shop.Would Pret's employees and customers accept twin shops or view them as counter to the Pret culture?Pret said it would convert as many of Eat's 94 branches as possible into Veggie Prets.Its other branches are expected to stay the same at this stage.You’ll have to hurry though, the deadline for entries is next week (1 May).Pret A Manger, a London-based chain of sandwich shops, was known for its fast, genuine service and pre-packaged sandwiches prepared on-site daily.Through this decision point, the case frames a discussion about how companies build service models to reliably deliver customer service excellence.The case also helps students understand the role of employee management systems in creating consistent service experiences and introduces a set of innovative employee management practices.


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