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Here is the definition of the term original provided by the art teacher from the 1960's: An original print is an image on paper or similar material made by one of more the processes used by fine arts print makers.

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Original prints are those made by or under the direct supervision of the artist who is intending to make art works in the form of prints.

An original print can be done as a monotype (one of a kind) or as an edition of limited size.

After reviewing this text and cross-checking Meilachs work with several other of several introductory texts on traditional printmaking I can affirm that what is shared here is solid, well-grounded information.

That having been said, lets get back to the Pitman Press text.

Here we seem to have support for a continually evolving field of art production called printmaking that encompasses the new while cherishing the older ways of working.

Still, there are many question to pose and ponder., in our University of North Carolina at Pembroke Art Department, who practices and teaches traditional printmaking and asked to review a copy of a print documentation record from one of his off-campus printing session at an atelier (a master printers printmaking workshop).

Using ink on paper, Smith combines traditional and self-taught etching techniques in her attempts to represent the subtleties of human flesh.

As a producer and director, Ian Forster creates documentary content for Art21’s various digital and broadcast programs.

Making prints has been something people in Western culture have done for a very long time.

Between the simple hand stamp and the elaborate etching press, however, experimentation with modern materials has brought about myriad techniques for making original prints.


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