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Our first goal in any problem is to read the whole problem. Does the question have key words like equal to, amount left is, leaving ___?Once you have established that there is an answer to the problem we need to start working backwards which also means using the inverse operation. Students see the operation given, but it is the reverse operation that will give them the correct answer in the shape. Don’t tell them what strategy to use, let them figure that out and discuss the different options.

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Finally, the third Prince ate 1/2 of what was left, leaving only three mangoes for the servants. Try out these lesson and let us know what you think.

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And as Stephen Covey says in his book, Ask students to then use this information to give directions from the school back home. So if working forwards requires addition, when students work backwards they will need to subtract.

Depending on the age of your students, you may even want to draw a map so they can see clearly that they have to do the opposite as they make their way back home from school. And if they multiply working forwards, they must divide when working backwards.

In mathematics we are also developing the idea of inverse operation, using the opposite operation than the one given. One night the King couldn’t sleep, so he went down into the Royal kitchen, where he found a bowl full of mangoes. Later that same night, the Queen was hungry and couldn’t sleep.

She, too, found the mangoes and took 1/5 of what the King had left.For instance, when I plan a math lesson I think about what I want students to know and be able to do, and then work backwards from there.Or when I have a set of goals that I want to achieve, I work backwards from the goal to come up with steps that will (hopefully) get me there. When using the “work backwards” strategy, each operation must be reversed to get back to the beginning.Providing them with strategies enables them to at least get the ideas flowing and hopefully get some things down on paper.As in all areas of life, the hardest part is getting started!These worksheets are a great way to get students to read all the directions take in all the information and then work from there.After doing these worksheets apply working backwards to math.In other words, they need to “undo” each turn to get back, i.e. Once students understand inverse operations, and know that they must start with the solution and work back to the beginning, they will need to learn to recognize the types of problems that require working backwards.In general, problems that list a series of events or a sequence of steps can be solved by working backwards. Sam ate 2 of them, his dad ate 3 of them and they gave 12 to the neighbor.Because cookies are being taken away, that denotes subtraction.Thus, to get back to the original number we have to do the opposite: add.


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