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Chain Diagrams are the simplest type, where all the elements are presented in an ordered list, each element being connected only with the elements immediately before and after it.

Chain diagrams usually represent a Flow charts allow for inclusion of branches, folds, loops, decision points and many other relationships between the elements.

These types of diagram are particularly useful for considering all the possible consequences of solutions.

Remember that the aim of a visualisation is to make the problem clearer.

(b) Zoom showing the notation for the unit vectors.

Almost 2,000 years ago, Greek scientist Diocles recognized a problem with optical lenses while observing devices equipped with them; the edges appeared fuzzier than the center.

(a) Geometry of the problem and notation used for the distances.

The origin of the coordinate system is located at the center of the input surface z a 0, 0† ˆ 0.

job, transport or money, because solving one of these sub-problems will, in turn, solve the others.

This example shows how useful it is to have a representation of a problem.


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