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Psychosynthesis therefore combines the analytical approach of uncovering forgotten childhood memories with an exploration of the individual's untapped potential.It teaches that every individual has a part that is seeking to grow towards wholeness (the Self), but that this growth can be blocked by experiences from our past.Freud and others spoke of the unconscious, a part of our minds that is normally inaccessible but which produces real effects on feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

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Each of its exponents tries to express and apply it as well as he or she is able to, and all who read or listen to the message, or receive the benefit of the methods of Psychosynthesis, can decide how successful any exponent has been or will be in expressing its “spirits”.

From this general premise, it obviously follows that Psychosynthesis cannot be represented outwardly by any organization or super-organization.

The professional training begins with personal exploration, gaining self-knowledge and building insight into psychospiritual development.

This personal exploration provides the foundation to work with others supporting them with their healing and growth. Each training centre will have its own approach to the professional training depending on their country’s professional bodies and regulations.

But as cultural, psychological, legal and material conditions differ greatly in various countries, it is advisable, indeed almost indispensable, for each Center to work with full autonomy and freedom, under the sole responsibility of its leaders.

If we, and those who will gradually take our places in the future, are to remain faithful to these principles and policies, we may hope to make a valuable contribution to the spiritual, psychological and external integration of humanity.Many problems arise because of "existential" issues such as unfulfilled potential, lack of meaning, alientation, emptiness, loss of identity and the need for purpose.These symptoms carry a message, that needs to be listened to rather than tranquilised.All of them should be animated by an international spirit and should work internationally, if or as occasions for such work occur.But the chief function and concern of each Center should be to work as well and as intensely as possible in its own geographical or specific (therapeutic, educational, cultural) area to “cultiver son jardin” to use Montaigne’s phrase.This may include accepting and integrating impulses such as sexuality and aggression but also becoming open to the human qualities of beauty, truth, compassion and joy. The aim of Psychoynthesis psychotherapy is to bring all parts of a person's being into more harmonious relationship.Change will occur in the personality bringing results outside in the practical world.It might be called a “movement”, a “trend” and a “goal”.There is no orthodoxy in Psychosynthesis and no one, beginning with myself, should claim to be its real or true representative, its head or leader.There is no orthodoxy in psychosynthesis and no one, beginning with myself should be considered as its exclusive representative…The external pattern of the relationship between the Foundations, Institutes and Centers of Psychosynthesis should not be that of a “solar system” but that of a “constellation”….Psychosynthesis training is a process of self-development, self-discovery and answering a vocational call to help others.


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