Rates For Proofreading Dissertations

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I offer proofreading services to postgraduate students studying for master’s or doctoral qualifications.To use my service, you must have permission from your university.Therefore, I do not make changes to the structure or content.

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$100 per hour works out at around $50-$60 per 1,000 words for editing of an average standard document.

However, most editors charge much less than that this even though they are not constantly employed like accountants and lawyers, and often have a lot of ‘down-time’ between jobs, especially during the quiet times of the academic year.

You are busy hatching ideas, gathering research and putting together arguments.

So it is tough to get enough distance from your essay, thesis or journal article to carry out thorough proofreading and review. Here is where an Editex editor champions your hard work.

Editex editors offer a wide range of pricing depending on their level of academic achievement, years of experience, and skill as an editor – as well as their personal preference and circumstances.

This enables you to find the best fit for your editing needs and budget. When you consider the academic authoring process the value of expert editing and proofreading is easy to see.You don't need to worry about deciphering complicated grammar software or distinguishing between what may be errors and what may not, we find every single mistake in your dissertation and correct them for you.Get expert native English help to refine your document and ensure it stands up to rigorous academic standards.Good academic editing should represent value for money, but not be ‘cheap’.Those who offer academic editing at discounted rates are often (but not always) doing a second-rate job.But anyone who is stressed out dealing with complicated formatting requirements and referencing styles, getting tenses right, and achieving the correct academic tone, will benefit from some quality editing.Editex uses a website calculator which displays the fee for most editors based on the word count you enter. The Editex fees assume standard editing and average writing quality and are provided as a guide.The actual fee that you pay will depend on your exact requirements, and should be negotiated with your chosen editor once they have a full understanding of your editing needs: You might have to email or call every editor on the list, and still not find the one you want!But with Editex it can all be done in a few minutes!You can find a full list of the checks included in the terms and conditions.Because your academic work will be assessed, it must be considered to be your own work.


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