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From the late 1800’s until today, fossil fuels—coal, petroleum, and natural gas—have been the major sources of energy. energy consumption from biofuels, solar, and wind energy have increased. The electric power sector accounted for about 56% of total U. renewable energy consumption in 2018, and about 17% of total U. electricity generation was from renewable energy sources.

Using renewable energy can reduce the use of fossil fuels, which are major sources of U.

Journal of Renewable Energy is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles relating to the science and technology of renewable energy generation, distribution, storage, and management.

Considering the growing importance of such systems and increasing number of research activities in this area this paper presents a comprehensive review of studies which investigated, analyzed, quantified and utilized the effect of temporal, spatial and spatio-temporal complementarity between renewable energy sources.

The review starts with a brief overview of available research papers, formulates detailed definition of major concepts, summarizes current research directions and ends with prospective future research activities.

One of the commonly mentioned solutions to overcome the mismatch between demand and supply provided by renewable generation is a hybridization of two or more energy sources in a single power station (like wind-solar, solar-hydro or solar-wind-hydro).

The operation of hybrid energy sources is based on the complementary nature of renewable sources.It also publishes studies into the environmental, societal, and economic impacts of renewable energy use and policy.Journal of Renewable Energy is archived in Portico, which provides permanent archiving for electronic scholarly journals, as well as via the LOCKSS initiative.Given the extensive amount to which carbon emissions are affecting the world’s climate, individuals, corporations, and governments are involved to vary degrees in the search for renewable energy sources that are not dependent upon fossil fuels.The major sources of renewable energy come from sunlight, wind, and geothermal heat.Our expert reviewers provide detailed subject specific comments on manuscript quality, recommend a journal and check compliance with overall and specific publication standards.Reviewers follow Reviewer guidelines and use Manuscript review form.It operates a fully open access publishing model which allows open global access to its published content.This model is supported through Article Processing Charges.Solar technology can be divided into passive or active solar energy, depending on the way that sunlight is captured, converted and distributed.The biggest obstacle to solar energy is in areas where there is insufficient constant sunlight, but advances in photoelectrics has made this a more affordable and efficient way to generate electricity for individuals and power companies.


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