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The federal government also has incentives in place for businesses and corporations to encourage them to reduce their carbon footprints.Along with these incentives, the government also uses taxes to discourage and penalize businesses that are particularly harmful to the environment.For more information on these pieces of legislation: Today, the color green is synonymous with environmental friendliness.

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To learn more about sustainable energy, you may want to read these sources: “Carbon footprints” are used to measure the impact that certain individuals, products, and activities have on global warming.

This metric attempts to quantify the amount of greenhouse gases that are being produced by each contributor.

As staple crops become scarcer, they will become more expensive.

Such products include rice, wheat, corn, and soy, which are also utilized in animal feed; the result: prices of many other types of food will increase as well, making all food relatively more expensive.

Humans are responsible for producing these gases via cars, electricity, and factories.

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The main products of these activities that are to blame for global warming are methane and carbon dioxide; as carbon dioxide, methane, and chlorofluorocarbon compounds go farther and farther into the Earth’s atmosphere, they deplete the ozone layer.

There are, however, some sources of greenhouse gases that are harder for mankind to combat.

For example, many animals emit methane from their bodies during food consumption and digestion-related processes.

Amendments have been made to the Clean Air Act over time to account for ozone depletion and acid rain.

The US also utilizes and regularly modifies regulations on fuel, energy, and water use in order to help the environment.


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