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Transactional leader focuses on supervision, organization and performance.Both reward and punishment have used as a tool to encourage the followers to fulfill the required task.In their landmark work on the methodology of systematic reviews, Tranfield et al.

Transactional leader focuses on supervision, organization and performance.

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Materials and Methods: This paper systematically reviewed the research papers about leadership and organization published between 20.

The approach of the paper was in line with single-journal systematic review methodology, which reviewed publication of a single important journal.

Conclusion: The paper concluded that Future research could also focused on meta-analysis and explored the significance of case study/literature review or comparative analysis in addressing leadership problems in organizations.

Gagan Deep Sharma, Richa Aryan, Sanjeet Singh and Tavleen Kaur, 2019.

Leadership is a process of influencing the followers socially so that they can participate intentionally to achieve the organizational objective.

Leadership style can affect organizational commitment and work satisfaction explicitly and work satisfaction can further positively affect organizational commitment and work performance.The journal covered under this article has emerged as one of the most regarded journal in the field of leadership research.While most of the prominent journals focus on either of organizational or leadership issues, this journal takes a coherent view and attempts to understand the effective application of leadership and other issues in an organizational context.Such has been the history of leadership research that no clarity or consensus about its definition, styles, effective methods, etc., could emerge in the literature even after centuries of research.During the last two decades or so, focused research about leadership issues has started gaining ground.The perception of employees about the transactional and transformational leadership style has a high degree of correlation with the motivation factors of the leader in the organization.The style of leadership has an impact on satisfaction level and trust in the leader.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Background and Objective: Leadership research has come a long way from trait theory, through human relations school of thought, to contingency and/or situational model.A Systematic Review of Literature about Leadership and Organization. DOI: 10.3923/rjbm.2019.1.14 URL: doi=rjbm.2019.1.14 remarked, “There are almost as many different definitions of leadership as there are persons who have attempted to define the concept”.More recently, while commenting on the huge number of articles written about leadership, Winston and Patterson further remark that even 90 dimensions of leadership are not sufficient enough to understand leadership.


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