Research Paper On Water Pollution

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It is situated in Chan Mya Tha Zi Township, Mandalay and near the Aye Yar Waddy river.

Residential, commercial and industrial area are existed surrounding the Kan Daw Gyi Lake.

It is situated in Chan Mya Tha Zi Township, Mandalay and near the Aye Yar Waddy...

more This paper emphasized on "Water Pollution Control for Mandalay Kan Daw Gyi Lake by Natural Treatment System".

Because of the economic benefits derived from these activities, the area is teeming with human population.

Traditionally, the area’s economy was dependent on fisheries, boat making and agriculture.Water in recreation center should be aesthetically pleasing and essentially free of toxicants and pathogenic organisms.Seven collection points such as entrance, east of north side, south east of north side, south of north side, water fountains, Pyi Gyi Mon barge and exit of Kan Daw Gyi Lake are chosen to collect the wastewater sample.The fact that gives you jitters and shock is that air inside your home is two to five times more polluted than the air outside.If you think you have the best air purifier installed and think all is fine, then you are gravely wrong.When large populations of decomposing bacteria are converting these wastes it can deplete oxygen levels in the water.Related Journals of Water Pollution Hydrology: Current Research, Hydrogeology & Hydrologic Engineering, International Journal of Evolution, International Journal of Water Resources Development, Journal of Great Lakes Research, New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, Journal of Environmental Management.Water from human activities such as cooking, bathing, washing and septic tanks effluent is discharged into drains by gravity flow without treatment.Average six million gallons of wastewater discharged from Mandalay City area flow into Kan Daw Gyi Lake passing through Thin Ga Zar creek daily.The Lake Naivasha riparian has some of the richest ecosystems characterized by extensive acacia trees, an amazing spectacle of wildlife, and is set in one of the most beautiful scenery in the Great Rift Valley.The Lake’s fresh water supports a thriving floriculture industry, the third foreign exchange earner for the country, the geothermal power plants at Olkaria and a booming tourism industry.


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