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William Gell and , texts that exercised a formative influence over Victorian understanding of not just Roman Pompeii, but of domestic Roman life more broadly throughout the nineteenth century, and which highlight a transition from eighteenth-century antiquarianism to a more ‘archaeological’ approach to the past in the nineteenth century.

Using unpublished correspondence that has been overlooked by other scholarship on Gell, it argues that the form and content of the volumes responded to both contemporary fascination with the history of domestic life and the need for an affordable volume on Pompeii.

When the Protestant Queen Anne was succeeded by the unpopular Hanoverian George I in 1714, James III was still unmarried and had no children, so Stuardo hoped that James might recognise him as the Jacobite heir.

When James married and had two sons, Stuardo hoped that his cousin would at least receive him as a Stuart prince.

Since then Saint Catherine’s remains have been translated five times, and at each translation, the form and decoration of her sepulchre has changed, showing how different aspects of her life were commemorated at each renewal of her tomb.

These transformations are examined in the light of what survives today and of other literary documentation.The paper argues that some level of plausible reconstruction is possible and outlines what characteristics can be discovered about non-élite life.But popular sociability in the barbershop raised concerns among élite writers and the paper examines these as a way to understand the nature of the relationship between popular and élite cultures.Saint Catherine of Siena’s tomb and its place in Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Rome: narration, translation and veneration pp.111–148 Joan Barclay Lloyd By examining the historical narratives of Saint Catherine of Siena’s death and burial this paper sheds new light on the liturgical layout of the Dominican church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome 1380.Nonetheless, Francesco di Giorgio unwittingly documented the last standing columns of the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus. Stuart and Stuardo: James III and his Naepolitan cousin pp.221–244 Edward Corp King Charles II’s first illegitimate son, the little known Jacques de La Cloche, married a lady in Naples and had a posthumous son, born in 1669 and known as Don Giacomo Stuardo.It does this by focusing on a particular set of artefacts — anatomical votive terracottas — which have been seen to indicate the spread of Roman and/or Latin culture in central Italy.Although the use of anatomical terracottas may have begun in the vicinity of Rome, communities in central Italy actively engaged with these artefacts according to their own cultural dispositions.Each phase of her tomb shows how Catherine has been venerated from 1380 until the present.What Francesco di Giorgio saw on the Capitoline Hill 1470.


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