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In addition to lily SCA, several LTPs from crop plants have been studied to determine their biological functions using biochemistry or gene overexpression.

These functions include antifungal activity for Ace-AMP1 from onion seeds (Phillippe , 2003) and examined for mutant phenotypes in plant growth.

Pair-wise comparisons between all of the generated electrostatic potentials were calculated, based on electrostatic potential values outside the 2 Å ion-accessibility surface. The generated distance matrix was imported into Matlab (The Mathworks, Inc., Natick, MA, USA), where hierarchical clustering was performed using average linkage.

Isopotential contours were generated to visualize the spatial distributions of electrostatic potential using Chimera (UCSF) (Pettersen strain GV3101 with a floral dip method (Clough and Bent, 1998).

Stigma/style cysteine-rich adhesin (SCA), a lily LTP, is secreted from both pollen and the pistil transmitting tract epidermis (TTE), where pollen tubes grow and are guided to the ovules (Lord, 2000).

SCA and pectins are involved in pollen tube adhesion-mediated guidance (Park , 2000).

grid with the same dimensions for all protein structures.

After superimposition of their three-dimensional coordinates, the structures were centred in an identical way in the grid.

The heuristic search found 232 equally most parsimonious trees (tree length=7584, consistency index=0.4248, retention index=0.5050), and tree topologies were very similar to the NJ tree.

Therefore, the discussion was based on the strict consensus tree of MP analysis.


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