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Every summer, SCI-Arc opens its doors to students and young professionals from multiple disciplines and diverse backgrounds seeking to explore the field of architecture from the school’s distinctive vantage point of hands-on design and experimentation.The Making Meaning summer program offers participants a unique opportunity to be a part of the vibrant design community at SCI-Arc as they work on projects to jumpstart or enhance a design portfolio.

Architectural education has always been fundamentally influenced by whichever styles are popular at a given time, but that relationship flows in the opposite direction as well.

All styles must originate somewhere, after all, and revolutionary schools throughout centuries past have functioned as the influencers and generators of their own architectural movements.

SCI-Arc’s “Close-up” exhibition is currently on display at the SCI-Arc gallery, featuring architectural details designed with the use of digital technology by top architects in the field.

The exhibit, curated by Hernan Diaz Alonso and David Ruy, seeks to explore the impact of new computational tools not only on large-scale building analysis, but also on the “traditions of tectonic expression” associated with architectural detail.“Out of the many critical shifts that the discipline has gone through in the last 25 years with the explosion of new technologies and digital means of production, the notion of the construction detail has been largely overlooked,” Diaz Alonso said.

These schools, progressive in their times, are often founded by discontented experimental minds, looking for something not previously nor currently offered in architectural output or education.

Instead, they forge their own way and bring their students along with them.Read on to see the list of the top 10 undergraduate and graduate programs in the US.For European architects eager to expand their knowledge of contemporary architecture, SCI-Arc, the Southern California Institute of Architecture, has just announced the launch of a full tuition scholarship specifically for citizens of the European Union to study at the SCI-Arc campus in Los Angeles, California.In addition, over 2,785 students were polled on the quality of their program and their plans for post-graduation.The two top schools, Cornell for undergraduates and Harvard for graduates, were once again named the best programs to attend, according to the study.Taught by Program Coordinator Marcelo Spina and Casey Rehm, the program’s final degree studio “The Future of Experience: Speculations on New Cultural Centers” explored how artificial intelligence (AI) and its various forms of automation allow us to visualize, learn from, and reconfigure the world.Three SCI-Arc graduates became the recipients of the first Woods Bagot Prize, an award that recognizes the top design portfolios and academic achievements from students in the undergraduate and graduate programs on September 9.As those students graduate and continue on to practice or become teachers themselves, the school’s influence spreads and a new movement is born.For its second year as part of the EDGE Center for Advanced Studies, the MS in Architectural Technologies program at SCI-Arc continued connecting issues of disciplinary relevance with the most advanced technological developments reshaping society and culture at large.This immersive workshop runs from July 10th – August 4th and is now open for registration.SCI-Arc, one of the few remaining schools whose undergraduate program culminates in a thesis project, asks students to locate their position within the discipline, theorize a problem around that position, create a project that tests their theory, and ultimately to present and defend that position to an audience of future peers and professionals.


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